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[edit] TODO:

[edit] High priority

Logging options
Better status in initscript when start fails
Add support for shadow password authentication

[edit] Low priority

HTML interface cleanup/enhancements

  • Ability to (reverse) sort dir listings by name, size, last revision

Rewrite admin tools
Don't keep cherrypy session open if using http authentication
Add link to "Previous Revisions" flyout/support non-JS browsers: description
add a: -c switch to specify an alternate config file on the command line for people using FreeBSD create a FreeBSD port for rdiffWeb

[edit] RELEASED:

[edit] Version 0.6.3

Add option to spider repositories from the commandline
Fix exception when running with Python 2.4

[edit] Version 0.6.2

Fix issues with older distros' packaging for sqlite
Handle non-ascii chacters in repository paths

[edit] Version 0.6

Switch to cherrypy 3.0
Use sqlite for the user database
Add support for configuration via the web interface
Allow initial configuration via the web interface, if the root password is entered

[edit] Version 0.5

Change email notifications and repository spidering to be automatic via daemon threads
Misc interface improvements

[edit] Version 0.4

Change "Failed" terminology to "Completed with errors"
Fix status page/RSS feed to not display backups in progress
Check for cherrypy installation in config script
Allow users to change their passwords
Misc fixes in-progress backup handling
Many assorted interface improvements

[edit] Version

Fix security vulnerability reported by Jesus Roncero. See the mailing list post for details.

[edit] Version 0.3.5

HTML interface cleanup/enhancements (icons beside backups in locations page and history page)
Fix several bugs with directory listings

[edit] Version 0.3.2

Fix inability to serve static files

[edit] Version 0.3.1

Support cherrypy 2.2+
Fixes for restoring files

[edit] Version 0.3

Fix RSS feed for Mozilla Thunderbird
Fix handling of rdiff-backup 1.1.x repositories
Fix handling of positive timezones

[edit] Version 0.2

Move toward unix project

  • Daemon support
  • Packaging (tar.gz)

Debug/devel commandline options
Status page
Warning if the user views repo while backing up
Folder restore support
RSS feed

[edit] Version 0.1

New interface design implemented, if somewhat rough
Bug hunt

  • Security review
  • Fix mysql connection problem
  • Fix sporadic restore problems
  • Better error handling


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